Business graduated self-employed manager with > 10 years of experience within the entertainment and apparel industry. Studied in Germany, UK and Spain. Founder and Managing Director of TSKR GmbH, an independent merchandising, label, publishing and management service company. Based in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

Partners I have worked with

among others: 01099, AHZUMJOT, Amilli, Beau Diako, Giant Rooks, Lance Butters, Majan, majestic casual, Nina Chuba, NUGAT, Parra for Cuva, Partner in Crime / Mordlust, RAZZ, Studio Schmitt, Nike Europe, Universal Music Germany, VIZE, Weird Crimes, Sony Music Germany


My Expertise

Merchandising Fulfillment Services (11 Years)100%
Strategic Management & Organization (11 Years)100%
Label, Distribution und Publishing Services (7 Years)70%
Business Consulting (6 Years)60%

Let’s build something together

August 14, 2022